07th - 09th September 2022 | Vienna

!!! UPDATE !!!

Like promised we started to gradually upload and to make freely electronically available the presentations from the 7th Kuopio Conference (2022, Vienna). Our thanks go to all the speakers.
Please go to the Program and use the URL behind the title of the presentation.
Within the next few weeks we expect to have uploaded all the presentations – PDFs as well as videos of most of them.

Welcome to Kuopio Conference 2022!


Since its launch in 1999 by Pentti Vattulainen of the Finnish National Repository Library the Kuopio Conference has gained an ever growing audience of international experts within a well-established network through IFLA, LIBER and other initiatives.

At its 6th meeting in 2018 in Basel, Switzerland, the conference came under the umbrella of EPICo, the European Print Initiatives Collaboration (https://epico-libraries.eu) and a series of biannual events was planned across Europe, starting with the 2022 Kuopio conference in Vienna. The conference will be organised and hosted by University of Vienna.

Under the main title “Review and Renew: Changing Strategies in Collection Management” library professionals, scientists and representatives of major Publishers will present their approaches to challenges like preservation policies, evaluation of archiving projects, economic models, metadata and other related topics.

As a foretaste of the conference and to give impressions about the diversity of the various approaches to meet archiving challenges we plan to present videos from EPICo members over the next few months.

EPICo Clip: Shared Archiving Austria